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  • What is Affiliate Marketing? What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is where a website owner or blogger is paid commission by a merchant (such as Amazon, for example) after their site visitor places an order.
  • How Does It Work? How Does It Work? When a visitor referred by the website or blog deposits funds then the webmaster/blogger is paid a percentage of their losses (Revenue Sharing)
  • How to Become an Affiliate How to Become an Affiliate We'll help you understand how to choose your merchant (the casino), register your account, and learn how to promote your casino partner.
  • What are Casino Affiliate Networks? What are Casino Affiliate Networks? These are where a group of casinos have been put together so you can choose to promote more than one casino but be paid from one source.
  • How much are Affiliate Commissions? How much are Affiliate Commissions? We'll teach you the two main methods of commission payment, CPA or Revenue Share, and discover just how much commission can be made as a casino affiliate.

Learn about Affiliate Marketing
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Affiliate Marketing - You can make money on the Internet!

Something not very well known, even though most people use the Internet daily, is that there is a very effective way for you to make money on the Internet - Affiliate Marketing is how.

We believe you will probably have bought something over the Internet that involved Affiliate Marketing, perhaps buying the item from Amazon having clicked through from another site - the owner of the site you clicked through from will have been paid a commission direct from Amazon without your knowledge simply by recommending Amazon or one of their products - possibly 5% of the item value - it's that simple.

With Casino Affiliate Marketing it's that same affiliate model, but rather than recommending products you are recommending online casinos or poker rooms.

Affiliate Marketing - How it Works

When you click on a link to a website, for example www.Amazon.co.uk or www.Amazon.com, you probably wouldn't notice any additional characters in the link that identifies it as an affiliate link.

Try It Out For Yourself!

Click your preferred link here www.Amazon.co.uk or www.Amazon.com - the link will open in a New Browser Window so you don't lose this page.

Did you notice any difference from a non-affiliate link to Amazon? Probably not.

If you had bought something from Amazon after that clickthrough then guess what - we'd have made some commission, and you would have been none-the-wiser because of it. That's how (and why!) Affiliate Marketing works.

What is Casino Affiliate Marketing?

In the same way as the Amazon links you've tested on the left have an affiliate portion, that's how online casino affiliate programs work - once you have signed up for a casino affiliate program (they're all FREE to join) you create some links, possibly using banners like the one for C-Planet at the top of this page and add them to your site or blog.

Your site or blog does not have to be anything to do with casinos or casino affiliate programs, the banners or links you put on there will just appear to be an advertisement or recommendation to the site.

As soon as your visitors click through to the casino they will be logged as one of your visitors then when they become a player you will start to gain commission from their deposits , easy! (It really is!)

Take a look at this casino affiliate program to learn more, click here.

Casino Affiliate Programs

How Much Commission Can I Make?

Because of the high competition online casinos have, they are prepared to pay very high commissions to encourage webmasters and bloggers to work with them as an affiliate.

You will usually work on one of two commission models; either CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) or Revenue Share.

CPA - You will be paid a set amount every time a new player deposits funds.

Revenue Share - You receive a percentage commission, usually around 30%-40% of their deposits after fees etc.

Learn more about this topic in our Affiliate Commissions section.

Click the link below to learn how easy it is to join a casino affiliate program

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